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Grazing ecology

LaTeX information

After severe headaches trying to squeeze my Ph.D. thesis out of Microsoft Word, I decided to take control in my own hands in the future with LaTeX. Eager to make the change over, I underestimated the steep learning curve associated with TeX and LaTeX. However, after several weeks of intense learning, I have decided it is definitely worth the effort. To help others make the same move, I have put some of the results of my efforts on this page.

LaTeX and EndNote

An important requirement of my change to LaTeX was that I could continue using my EndNote database and that the database would remain backward compatible with the many Word documents created with it. Some tools were available, but were not completely fitting my requirements. First of all I edited the export style. Then I wrote a small DOS batch file to 'alter' the content of the exported BibTeX file. The batch file replaces symbols and copies the resulting BibTeX file to local directories as needed.
BibTeX export style The EndNote to BibTeX (end2bib) export style was created to export my EndNote database to a BibTeX file.
Enl2Bib DOS batch A small DOS batch file to make a true BibTeX file from the exported EndNote database. Please rename the file to enl2bib.bat before use. The file off course needs some editing to fulfil your needs!
Alter The DOS batch could not have been useful without the existence of a brilliant little program called Alter written by Rob Flor. Unzip and put the "alter.exe" file in your "c:\windows\command" folder. Download Alter from here, or access a little more information through here.

Bibliography style files

Oikos.bst The journals Oikos and Ecography have some peculiar style features such as a dash before the publication source and a dash replacement for repeated authors. I tried to find a bst file on the web, but I guess not many LaTeX users publish in Oikos. With some persistence, my first hacking of a bst file and help of Jari Oksanen, both dashes are dealt with in this bst file.
JEcol.bst Bibliography style for Journal of Ecology and other journals published by the British Ecological Society (BES). This style deals with the change in the punctuation and emphasis to correctly format: Booktitle, Volume Volume#. Book series title. The style was not tested with other types of citations, i.e. single-volume books which have some number in a series. With thanks to Cord Hockemeyer!

Call for help and suggestions

As I have just started appreciating LaTeX, all help and suggestions are very welcome!
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